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European Road-trip 2017

Back in the long-lost mists of time, when British citizens had free-movement in Europe, and the current coronavirus restrictions were still nearly 3 years away, we made the decision to spend 3 and a half weeks touring round Europe with an 8 month old (with recently diagnosed cow’s-milk protein allergy) and a 3 year old. And mostly, it was great!

The concept

For various reasons, including parental leave and some part-time working, we had a block of time available in June 2017. We decided we’d like to visit a number of favourite German places – the Harz, Eisenach – and some key tourist sites – Neu Schwanstein for example – as well as wanting to head to the Alps. In total we covered 2741 miles in the car, taking nearly 60 hours of driving time!

We learnt a lot from this trip about travel as a family, and how easy it can be (and how to make it easier). And we spent some good family time in some excellent surroundings, as well as catching up with old friends. And did I mention the tasty food and drink?

Accommodation was a mix of friends, self-catering, and various hotels.

Over the next few weeks and months I’ll finally get around to the Blog-diary of the trip (although if it takes as long as the 2012 Antipodean adventure write-up, I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath!).

In the meantime, a few photo highlights!

  • The view from Vergör