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England in Bangladesh – Positives and Negatives

Only a very brief cricket mention today – some positives and negatives from the recent Bangladesh tour:


  • Return to form with the bat of Kevin Pietersen and Ian Bell – although they will need to do so against sterner opposition to really prove themselves. Pietersen at 3 and Bell at 5/6 (depending on how many bowlers) is an exciting prospect.
  • Graeme Swann – 100 test wickets beckon already in such a short career; hopefully a test century will come soon too.


  • England gave away at least one day in each test match, meaning they were pushed harder than many thought possible – for a long time now, the English cricket team has had trouble knocking over the tail of the opposition, perhaps they just relax too much, or try too hard to get the last batsmen out?
  • Cook’s captaincy, whilst effecting results, was hardly inspirational, but we did at least win.

Another positive is the commitment and skill exhibited by this maturing Bangladesh side; hopefully they will be able to compete on the tougher wickets here in England this summer – I look forward to being entertained at Lords in May.