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One of my major passions is cricket; any cricket! It’s a shame that i’m not a very good player! I try to get to at least one day of international cricket each summer, and to the odd county game too. As a Yorkshireman, my allegiance is obvious, but I have an huge soft-spot for Worcestershire – New Road is the most beautiful ground and always has a wonderful atmosphere. It’s well worth a visit.

Cricket Links

There’s really only one place for all the cricket you need –

Also Yorkshire CCC, Worcestershire CCC

Indian Premier League

Only one thing is occupying the minds of many cricket fans at the moment – the IPL. Is it a good thing for the game? Only time will tell. Personally it seems to be dragging on rather too long now – there’s only so much Twenty20 cricket I can take, and now that the English International summer has started my own attention is firmly on that. I also think that there’s probably only room for one officially sanctioned tournament of that type in the annual cricket calendar, and thoughts of setting up an English version may not succeed. My own thought would be to try to find a window for a compressed (perhaps two matches daily) tournament, with a couple of extra teams, in which more English players can take part, without compromising the county and international season here. I’d be interested to hear other’s thoughts…

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