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Railway walks for Families – Winteregg

A walk in the Alps

The Bernese Oberland lies pretty much in the middle of Switzerland, and is justly famous for its towering peaks, its skiing areas (winter) and the range of superb walking in summer. You can also ascent to Europe’s highest railway station at Jungfraujoch by cogwheel railway. Across the valley from the towering peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau lies the lovely traffic-free village of Mürren. This delightful settlement sits at 1,600m above sea level, and is at the end of a stunning railway line that affords great views of the mountains.

For the best approach to this walk, take the train to Mürren, and exit the station. Follow the yellow “Wanderweg” signs for Winteregg. There are various alternate routes, but the main way (stay clear of the white and red “Bergweg signs” follows a broad path that is passable in summer and winter, and which primarily follows the route of the railway line.

To be honest, the walk itself is primarily downhill, is on a broad path (suitable for buggies etc), and is only a couple of miles long. What makes it worth it, is the range of views of superb large mountains, the regular passing of the little trains, and then the hostelry at the end.

Winteregg itself

Winteregg is the point at which trains on the single line pass each other. There is a small station, and a superb mountain restaurant, with grassy area, outside and indoor seating and a play area. It is open summer and winter (it sits at the base of a ski-lift), and seems always to have a thriving trade (at least pre-corona). Recommendations include the local traditional Rösti, the local beer, or indeed just a plate of tasty chips / Pommes. The main thing to do is to soak up the view, and catch some sunshine. This spot has long been a favourite of my family, who have been visiting since the early 1990s. My grandmother loved this place so much that as a family we’ve always referred to one of the rocks that you can sit on to take in the view as “Betty’s Rock”.

There are lots of other really great excursions, walks and days out in the area, and it is a truly special place for so many reasons.

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